Blind poker is an application which enables visually impaired people to play online poker on any real money poker site.

It supports different game formats like SNG, tournaments, ring games, omaha, holdem.

It reads relevant information from the table and sends voice output to your screen reader, so you hear the voice that you are used to.

If you prefer to turn off screen reader, it uses microsoft voice. It automatically detects what screen reader you are running.

Every screen reader is supported.


It automatically tells you information about new hand start, hole cards, community cards, your position at the table, opponent actions, who won the hand, and what cards did 

opponent show. You can use keyboard shortcut to repeat specific information. The full list of all shortcuts you can find under Shortcuts link.


This product is currently done for play money site, where you can train to play poker. See download link and instructions link.

If you have any issues setuping or using the app, or have feedback, suggestions please contact us via email

in few weeks blind poker app will be enabled on real money poker sites.