Blind Poker Setup Instructions


  1. Download blind poker app by clicking on the Download link. It will download setup.exe file in your downloads folder. Run this file, and it will install blind poker app on your computer. 

  2. When you first time run blind poker app, it will download necessary settings file and it will notify you once it is done. It will automatically download the setup file of poker client, and will run this file for you and ask you to install it by clicking on next, next, finish buttons. Once it is installed you can start playing by pressing Control  + S. See full list of shortcuts from the shortcuts link.

  3. Send us an email with your desired username and password, and we will get you in touch with customer support of poker site which will create an account for you and let you know how to make a deposit. 

  4. If you are using NVDA, it might help you to turn off the option to tell which key is pressed because this can be annoying while playing poker. To turn it off,  go to NVDA preferences then settings, then select Keyboard, and uncheck option: Speak typed characters, and uncheck option: Speech interrupt for typed characters.

  5. I would suggest using NVDA screen reader while playing poker, because for example JAWS talks a lot when the mouse is clicked and I didn't find a way to prevent JAWS from speaking when mouse is clicked.